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How to optimise your idea - product and strategy for growth

Every entrepreneur has a story; what were their starting struggles, how did they react, what was the outcome and what are the lessons learned.
Learn from experiences of entrepreneurs that succeeded in Singapore and from your peers.

The event has an interactive character; there is plenty of time planned for discussion and participants are invited to discuss cases.

Thursday 27 October 2016, 07.30 pm - 10.00 pm

Singapore Shopping Centre
190 Clemenceau Ave, level 4
Singapore 239924

About the event
This event is meant for entrepreneurs who want to roll up their sleeves to learn, share and broaden their knowledge to improve their idea, product and strategy.

Our key note speakers Jon Hoel and Max van der Pols will tap on the following topics:

  • Experimentation = Better business design
  • Market research = Increased understanding of the demand and needs
  • Strategy = Improved execution of your business.

After they’ve shared their stories and gave us tips & tricks in the first part of the evening, we’ll start to working on:
How to optimise & testdrive your idea/product/service?
Entrepreneurs and business owners test, discuss and give flight to (new) ideas for their products and services to have a better fit with the market demands during this workshop.
How to optimise & finetune your strategy?
Does my strategy fit with the needs of my clients? What am I missing? What can I improve?

This workshop will help you improve your strategy and execution of your business!

07.30 pm - 07.40 pm   Opening & programme of the evening     
07.40 pm - 07.50 pm   Jon Hoel: Test and give flight to new ideas for products and services
07.50 pm - 08.00 pm   Max van der Pols: The right business with the right strategy
08.00 pm -08.20 pm   Break
08.20 pm - 09.10 pm   Discussion sessions - mini workshop
09.10 pm - 09.25 pm   Wrap up by Jon and Max
09.25 pm - 09.30 pm   Academy Series and introduction event #3
09.30 pm - 10.00 pm   Network drinks (free)

About the speakers:

Jon designs and runs workshops and training programs for both startups and large organisations. He uses Design Thinking, Scenario Planning and Lean startup methodologies to help collaboratively design, test and give flight to new ideas for products and services. He also helps companies and government organisations develop and execute strategies. He has marketing and training experience with large enterprises includes SAP, HP Enterprise Business, Intel, J&J, Parkway Hospitals and SPRING Singapore, working both in agency and client-side. Originally from Melbourne, Jon has been based in Singapore since 2010.

  • Max van der Pols, Owner / Director at SPARC

Max has spent over 15 years in Management and Business Consulting, working predominantly in the APAC region for the last 10 years. Combining his entrepreneurial background with a solid consulting background, he currently helps other companies to accelerate their growth by providing in-depth insights from solid and innovative market research and translating them to real, actionable outcomes.

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